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Viveros Fco. Ferrer - Meilland
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Viveros Fco. Ferrer - Meilland
Viveros Fco. Ferrer - Meilland
A-3 Valencia - Madrid, salida 326 - 46370 - Chiva - Valencia - Espaa
Phone +34 962 522 337 - Fax: +34 962 520 654
Email valencia@rosalesferrer.com | web: http://www.rosalesferrer.com
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Trademarks: Ferrer Meilland
Vivero de planta de rosal. Ms de 70 aos produciendo rosales. Especialistas en rosales de paisaje. Rose plant nursery. Specialists landscape roses. Rosales Ferrer: Viveros Francisco Ferrer y Universal Plantas are companies with a tradition of over 70 years specializing in the cultivation, marketing and technical advice of rose plants.
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