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Cam Piramit | Antalya - Turkey
from 20/09/2014 until 23/09/2014
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Ornamental plants and gardening exhibition

Antalya has taken the right to organize the World Botanic Expo in 2016!

For the World Expo 2016 a big garden, a big landscape area of 900 hectares will be constructed. It is expected that more than 90 countries will participate in the Expo, that will last 6 months and it is expected that it will be visited by more than 10 million tourists.

We are organizing FLORPLANT Exhibition in Antalya, before the preparations of Expo 2016, in order to create an environment, that the ornamental plants sector will meet with its national and international partners, will enhance the exports, imports, trade and production and increase the cooperations in between them.

We are inviting all landscape designers, project implementers, producers, importers, exporters, to participate to our exhibition as exhibitiors in order to meet the parks and garden administrators of the municipalities, owners and managers of the hotels industry, construction industry's parks and landscape executives, foreign trade executives coming from Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Turkic Republic.

More information: www.florplant.org

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